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Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 Things That Will Make a REAL Difference in your Health.

1.  Drink more water- Water helps carry toxins from body tissues via the colon, the kidneys (urination), through our sweat and through the detoxification process of the liver. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will aid in these processes resulting in increased energy, hydration, and overall health.

Our muscles are 75% water and require a substantial amount of water to keep them healthy and performing optimally.  Make sure and drink eight 8 oz cups of purified water per day (mornings, evenings and between meals-avoid drinking water with meals.)  Even being slightly dehydrated can cause hunger, brain “fog,” short-term memory difficulties, even trouble with basic math.

2.  Eat more veggies- Eating vegetables helps create a more alkaline internal environment which works to neutralize acidic foods like sugars and even protein.  Since protein is the nutrient most responsible for building muscle, (of particular importance to athletes),

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why the Holidays are the Best Time to Begin a New Workout Program

A doctor friend of mine shared this holiday tradition with me: every year, just after Thanksgiving, she and her husband begin a four week detoxification program that they deliberately extend to five weeks.  When she first told me about this, I thought she was (insert joke about insanity), or just trying to prove a point, to role model great health and nutrition for her patients at a time when most people go far beyond what would be considered an acceptable level of indulging.

While I am very careful about just how much I indulge during the holidays, I do indulge-(life, after all, is meant to be enjoyed.)  But

Friday, November 11, 2011

On the Yam

Thanksgiving is here!  Yea!  And so are the extra pounds!  Yea!  There isn’t much you can do about it, it’s inevitable…it’s gonna get ugly, so you might as well give in and be happy.  But hold on a second…you can indulge-without all hell breaking loose.  

Thanksgiving only comes once a year; you shouldn’t have to deprive yourself of your holiday favorites just to keep from blowing up like a balloon.  Believe it or not, there are recipe makeovers out there that can taste even better than the original.  Take my personal favorite for example, I’ve been making this recipe (makeover version) for twenty years now (for those who are doing the math, yes, I started cooking at age 4.)  

The recipe makeover below originally appeared in Shape magazine twenty years ago-I’ve been making it ever since.

Friday, November 4, 2011

You Know...Muscle Turns to Fat if you Stop Exercising...

You know you can’t ever stop working out or all that muscle will turn to fat…” Have you ever heard one of your jealous friends say this?  Ever wondered whether or not it was true?  I hope you didn’t.  I hope you laughed at that ridiculous notion the minute you heard it and told your friend, “that’s ludicrous; muscle is muscle and fat is fat.  That’s akin to watching your liver “turn" into your gallbladder." 

One cannot wave a magic wand and have one type of tissue magically turn into another.”  Would that it could; I’d wave that magic wand over every pound