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Friday, April 26, 2013

Do You WANT to be Healthy?

Are you lying to yourself?
Any reader of Throwing a Fit knows, I am huge on education. I have not stayed on the "cutting edge" (an overused term but one I do not throw around lightly), in this industry for nothing. I go to seminars, workshops, get specialized certifications, read books, magazines, journals, blogs, etc. to really stay on top of what is happening. To that end, one of the experts whose work I "follow" is a doctor and physical therapist out of Canada named Dr. Andreo Spina. Dr. Spina is an amazing talent.  He understands functional anatomy and physiology in a way that few people I've followed does. He has taught me much. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Why What Skincare Products You Use, Matters

Toxic skincare products add to an over-burdened liver
Mankind has been in existence roughly 250,000 years. It appears that the average life expectancy back then was about 25 (maybe I should count my blessings.) What caused early man to live such a short life?  While there are many theories including bad teeth (you can’t chew if your teeth are whittled down to the gums and protein shakes had not been invented.)  Add to that, infectious diseases and “accidents” which also contributed but one thing is clear about the way early man lived: he lived in a chemical-free environment-which is more than I can say for us! 
In addition to endogenous toxins (those produced by the body as a byproduct of biochemical processes), there are toxins we voluntarily consume like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and artificial sweeteners that add to our “toxic burden.”  Perhaps the worst contributor includes 80 billion pounds of toxins that are released into the world’s atmosphere every year. I’m no anthropologist but I believe scientists will one day look back and determine that all this contributed to our demise.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Gourmet Nutrition-The Cookbook for the Fit Food Lover-by Dr. John Berardi

Finally! Easy, healthy and delicious recipes
Is it wrong to talk about how well an author’s intense blue eyes are set off by his dark brown hair when you’re about review his book?  Could that be considered a conflict of interest somehow?  Well, be that as it may, Dr. John Berardi is much more than a pretty face (besides; he’s married) (and there are a couple of other co-authors here as well but really, who cares?)

A veteran in the fitness field (which seems impossible since looks all of 25), Dr. Berardi knows what any of us who have ever trained with any degree of seriousness knows: “diet” is 75%.”  Translation: exercise has a myriad of benefits but if you want to be lean and more importantly; healthy, what you eat is going to “count” more than how many hours you put in the gym.  While that can make a few fitness trainers nervous, I’ve always believed that if diet got you there, exercise would keep you there so not to worry trainers.