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Friday, September 26, 2014

8 Strategies to Solve the Energy Crisis

Energy: your most precious commodity
“I thought we were going to work on that habit,” I said half jokingly, pointing to my client’s venti Starbucks she absentmindedly swigged while texting someone as she walked into my office.

I immediately regretted my mock-bitchy tone as I sympathetically eyed her haggard, worn-out expression. I even half-bought her I’m too tired to work out spiel because indeed, she looked that fatigued.

She wasn’t alone. Frazzled from pile-it-on-higher jobs, difficult relationships, and the zillion other demands life throws at us constantly, many clients appear running on empty as they determinedly show up for workouts even if their adrenals could use the rest. Welcome to the 2014 energy crisis: Good for coffee shops, not so good for you.

“Ultimately everything comes down to

Saturday, September 20, 2014

5 Steps to Break Any Fat Loss Plateau

Beyond the basics
“My most challenging one took over three months of trial-and-error before we pinpointed her issue,” I said, stabbing a black olive with my toothpick as I sipped a glass of pinot noir.
“What was the needle mover?” someone asked. The entire table remained riveted to hear my answer. “Hashimoto’s,” I replied. “Pulling gluten did wonders, and she went on to work with a thyroid specialist.”

Audible aahs! and a “Wow” filled the table.

Yes, nutrition and fitness professionals remain complete dorks even when we're having a dinner-and-drinks girls' night out. We talk about non-industry related things, but for some reason we always work back to our professions because we're that passionate about what we do.

In the beginning I became known as

Friday, September 12, 2014

“I’m Doing Everything Correctly but…” 12 Overlooked Obstacles that Create Fat Loss Plateaus

Break on through!
“I’m stuck,” she wearily said, taking a huge sip of hazelnut Dunkin Donuts. “I’m doing everything you say. I mean, come on: Look at that journal! I’m not cheating. I’m working my butt off. And nothing’s happening.”

If I had a hundred dollars for every time a client complained they’d hit a plateau, I could comfortably retire in a Maui cottage overlooking the sea. Okay, maybe not Maui; Florida. Still, I could retire.

I began my business teaching frustrated, overworked clients how to break fitness plateaus. Many folks simply needed to mix things up. A few needed to workout differently; others needed to do less but more intense exercise.

At some point, many also struggled with weight loss plateaus. These people did everything correctly, yet the scales wouldn’t budge. When you put in a certain effort, you expect results. Despite herculean effort, these people weren’t getting those results and, needless to say, they became frustrated.

From experience, I know they

Friday, September 5, 2014

Once You Go Wild, You Can Never Go Back

Online salmon? When it's this good....why not?
I finally had to discreetly spit a bite onto my napkin. I’ve never been a big fish eater, and the salmon my cousin served for dinner that evening didn’t win me over. Even though she insisted it was fresh, I found a bone in one bite, I was pretty sure it was farm-raised, and wow, was it fishy.

My anti-fish stance changed at a recent conference. No, some rock-star chef didn’t whip up a fabulous miso-glazed salmon dish that converted me. Believe it or not, boxed fish made me a seafood lover.

Now, to fish lovers, that might be akin to saying boxed pinot noir won over a wine snob. (Although I hear boxed wine has become more upscale! But I digress.)

You see, Wild Things was at this conference. No, not the late-90s movie starring Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell; Wild Things Seafood is an online company that delivers high-quality seafood, poultry, and beef to your door.

If that sounds a little, um, fishy (come on, you know I couldn’t get through this blog without one bad joke), I wasn’t initially sold either.