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About Jinifit: Fitness, Fuel, and Fire

Jini Cicero, CSCS, Hybrid Circuit Specialist and creator of Jinifit, has devoted 20 years of her professional life to helping intermediate to advanced athletes totally transform their bodies.  She now brings her years of real-world experience online to help athletes breakthrough plateaus to create the body of their dreams-faster than they ever thought possible.

With her characteristic youthful energy, humor, and exceptional skills as an educator and motivator, Jini Cicero is without question the go-to girl for online fitness success.

For years, Jini has worked with clients from around the world to educate and inspire them to accelerate their results.  Many of those clients created complete transformations as a direct result of working privately with Jini. 

In 2009, Jini created her breakthrough Jinifit Virtual Training System. Her comprehensive system takes intermediate to advanced athletes and fitness enthusiasts through the process of building better bodies with more advanced science-based training,
and nutrition principles guaranteed to create a lean, athletic body in half the time they could on their own.

Jini invites you to download--as her GIFT to you--her notable new ebook, 13 Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy It is available at her website and also includes a FREE subscription to Throwing a Fit, her weekly ezine packed with training, fueling, and other tips that fire you up and keep you lean.  This book is a tremendously valuable resource-demonstrating once and for all that "faster fitness," optimal health, and true enjoyment of life are all possible when the energy is available to do so. 

You can learn more about Jini and her system, courses, and products at her website, 

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