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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Sweet and Healthy Fat you HAVE to Try

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Not too long ago, my Designs for Health sales rep sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to purchase a few discounted bottles of MCT Colada available through an overstock.  I bought all that she had. This is one of my favorite products and I was thrilled to be able to buy it in bulk at a discount because this is a product I use a lot of-almost every day.  It tastes just like  pineapple-coconut syrup.  I put it on my chicken to give it a delicious tropical flavor, I add it to my shake at lunch and I'd pour it over my waffles at breakfast (if I had them...but I don't.)  Next thing I know, my friend Mikell is featuring it as the product-of-the-month on her website.  That sealed the deal.  If Mikell was featuring it, I knew I was about to benefit by reading a great review of this product by a true expert and that I would probably learn something new in the process. Well, I was right...
For those of you who want to exercise to help burn fat, MCT Colada needs to be a part of your workout program. What makes this product so special? 

Well, it's an emulsified medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) supplement with a great tasting     pineapple/coconut flavor! The emulsification allows for unparalleled absorption and will completely disperse when mixed into any liquid. I personally just take a spoonful and enjoy the flavor straight from the bottle!
Research has shown that a diet containing MCT's leads to less body fat accumulation. Whoo Hoo! Isn't that fantastic news! This process appears to be because of something called diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT). This is the increase in energy expenditure from the production of heat that occurs after eating and is believed to play an important role in body composition. MCT's can also provide an energy source during strength training when you have reduced your carbohydrate intake. (Don't reduce those veggies FYI, just the grains and starches.) Protein is also very important when exercising and because the MCT's convert to energy quickly, they spare amino acids from being used as a fuel source. won't be breaking down your muscle for energy!
Another benefit of MCT Colada is that it is comprised of two things....Caprylic acid and capric acid which have antifungal (yeast), antiviral and antibacterial activity. There are also some studies which suggest that it is also helpful for the brain. Isn't it cool that one product can give so much benefit?
Adults should take approximately 2 teaspoons with food. Depending on what your goals are you can take multiple doses each day. For those of you who may also be dealing with some constipation, it can also loosen up your stool. Poops to be proud of are very important you know!!! 
Always looking to lower my body fat, this is a product that is always a part of my fat loss strategy.
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My thanks to Dr. Mikell Parsons, DC of The Natural Path in Fresno, CA for allowing me to borrow her terrific explanation of the benefits of this effective (and delicious) product. 


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