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Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Cool Tools to Jumpstart Your Workout

Why did you join that gym (or get serious about your home-based training?) To get leaner, tighter, fitter and stronger, right?  So how’s that working out for you? For some, probably great! And for others…well,…maybe not so great.

If you’ve been working out for months or even years and your progress has been slow to undetectable or, you’re doing fine but your motivation could use a kick in the pants; listen up.

A piece of equipment alone will not likely transform your body. But, a new toy can get you charged up and motivated all over again and that can get you back on the road to transformation. Check out these 5 cool tools that can jumpstart your workout:

The Burn Machine
The Burn Machine: Created by martial artists to simulate punching a speed bag, the burn machine is a shiny chrome contraption that when held away from the body, at shoulder height-and while turning its rotating grips at high speed, will burn those shoulders into amazing shape. Vary arm placement to hit the muscles from all angles. Can be used sitting or standing. Available in several weights. Priced from $116.00-$150.00, it’s available at Insert the code UGW at checkout for a 10% discount.

The CrossCore 180: Move over TRX. The CrossCore 180 is a suspension training system like no other.  Anything you can do with a TRX suspension training system, you can do with the CrossCore 180. The only difference is with the CrossCore 180, you can do more. The TRX has a fixed suspension anchor.  The suspension anchor on the CrossCore 180 is not fixed, in fact, it features a pulley system which allows for movement on all planes of motion-including rotational movement which is critical for maximal core muscle development.  The CrossCore 180 retails for $250.00.
Airopes: If you’d trip over a pencil laying on the sidewalk let alone a jump rope, Airopes could be for you. Believe it or not, there are legions of adults out there who never learned to jump rope as a kid.  With jumping rope as popular as it is, who wants to be left out? Airopes simulate the arm movements involved in jumping rope while the feet go through their typical jumping routine-minus the timing element that can “trip” you up.  You hold and turn the handles (fast) while jumping over an “invisible” rope.  Use it alone or combine it with other equipment for greater versatility. A great option for intervals and burst training. Airopes are available at a in two versions: Original and PRO (the Airope PRO is thicker and provides more rotational resistance than the Airope Original.) Both are priced at $36.95.

Resistance Bands: The trend towards using elastic bands around the ankles for lunges and other exercises is nothing new. But when you use specially designed bands during explosive movements like sprinting and jumping…watch your progress explode.  This is not your mother’s tubing. Dave Schmidt, athlete, coach, and physical therapist of has created an incredible program he teaches online for free using these bands with different weights of resistance. Says Dave: “Our body during exercise or daily activities does not move in one direction or generate force along straight-line patterns.  We are multi-plane, multi-force vector creatures.  We must be able to create and control force horizontally, rotationally and vertically. Weight training can only create force and move in a vertical direction due to the dependence on gravity.  Resistance band training, (vs. weight training), can move and create real force in all planes because they are not gravity dependent like free weights.”  Prices range from $6.99 for a single band to $209.00 for a multiple-band package.

Sandbags: The shifting sands of time are nothing compared to the shifting sand inside a sandbag when you’re trying to press it overhead or lunge sideways with it.  The constant, small little corrections the core must make in order to compensate and adapt to the challenge of the shifting sand inside the unstable bag creates a more responsive and functional core.  You can find Sandbags at Sandbags range in weight from 15-35 pounds and are priced in packages of 1-3 bags (sand not included.) From $99.95 to $169.95.

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