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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Reading List for Every Serious Exerciser

Every June, my sister takes her boys to Borders to pick out their summer reading books.  Correction.  She tries to get them interested in summer reading.  Unfortunately, the books rarely get read.  Somehow, with trips to "the camp," baseball, hockey and sports on TV, reading isn't, well, at the top of their teenage to-do lists.

As a kid, my Mom would round up the four of us and bring us to the library to begin another summer of reading.  I always looked forward to that outing-that had me in competition with some of my classmates as to who could read the most books before the start of the next school year.  I usually won.

"A great book should leave you with many experiences, and
slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading." Those were William Styron's words (American novelist most well-known for the novels Sophie's Choice, and The Confessions of Nat Turner), and I believe them with all my heart.  A real "bookaphile," I look forward to the lazy days of summer; lying on a hammock,  sipping a Pina Colada, working on my tan with my nose buried in book-after-book...

I wish!! With my schedule, basking in the sun will likely be limited to one 4-day weekend-if I'm lucky and the "book-after-book" part is more wishful thinking these days.  My commitment to studying my craft demands that I read all the books, journal articles, blogs, websites, and other publications that I can get my hands on.  That's in addition to watching all the instructional DVDs, and attending as many seminars, workshops, and conferences that I can. I'm not complaining.  I love what I do.  I really can't get enough of it! There just isn't a lot of time for "pleasure" reading or novels.  I still read books that are going to move my soul and strangely enough, even a subject like "core training" can move my soul.

My job is to bring you the most current, relevant, transformational information available and interpret it accordingly; to get you the fastest and most reliable results from your training. All the reading and studying I've done has prompted me to put together a list of books that you'll find really useful and enjoyable if you want delve even deeper into "fitness, fuel, and fire."  .

These are a few of the terrific books I've read in recently.  They have become "mandatory" reading for many serious exercisers. The full list is posted on my website  on the "Recommended Reading" page:

Psycho-Cybernetics-Dr. Maxwell Maltz, MD -In this classic work, Dr. Maltz, a plastic surgeon, discovered that while he could change a person's physical appearance (presumably for the better), that would not necessarily improve the patient's self-esteem. He examines what must change on the inside in order to benefit from the changes to the outside.

The New ME Diet-Jade and Keoni Teta, NDs -An excellent breakdown of how to balance hormones in order to build muscle and burn fat.  Explains how to keep hormones balanced through good nutrition and the right type of exercise.  An easy read written with clarity and a natural style.

Enter the Kettlebell!: Strength Secret of The Soviet Superme-Pavel Tsatsouline -Look at the product description of former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline’s book: “Simple, sinister, brutal and ferociously effective for developing explosive strength, dramatic power and never-say-die conditioning. The man’s man’s choice for the toughest, most demanding, highest-yield exercise tool on the planet. Wow.

Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance by Stuart McGill-The latest from science world's top authority on strength and exercise for back pain -what helps, what not to do, and why.

    There are lots of other books I'm interested in reading this summer-some which I've heard great things about, like those that appear to your right, on my Shelfari book shelf.  Check them out! Let me know which ones you like. Or, download your favorite books to your iPod and listen while you walk or enjoy other calming types of exercise.

    You've trained hard and ate properly since January 1st right? Now its time for your efforts to pay off. Is there a better way to kick off the summer?!

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